“Pure Italian Talent”, the historical claim of the Tonino Lamborghini brand, is adapted to the new line of spirits and, with a play on words, becomes “Pure Italian Spirit”. The new payoff accompanies all the communication and events of the high-alcoholic premium beverages produced rigorously in Italy and dedicated to an international customer who loves the resourceful and uncompromising character of the Bull’s brand. Tonino Lamborghini Vodka, Whisky, Gin and Amaro: original made in Italy alcoholic beverages, to bring the Italian spirit to the world.

Tonino Lamborghini Vodka is obtained by selecting the best cereals among those of superior quality coming from the cultivations of Eastern Europe. The addition of high purity water, which flows directly from the uncontaminated springs at the foot of the “Alpi Retiche”, in the Italian Alps, gives the Vodka a perfect and extraordinary balance.
The result is a unique Vodka, strong and captivating, yet clean, soft and velvety: a reflection of the brand’s Pure Italian Spirit.
Tonino Lamborghini Vodka is enclosed in an elegant bottle capable of evoking the sensation of a unique pleasure and the idea of an unmistakable style.

Tonino Lamborghini Whisky is a unique blend, obtained from a refined selection of fine whiskies wisely aged in oak casks from 3 to 5 years. It is diluted to the degree of consumption with the addition of pure water from the Franciacorta area, which flows directly from the uncontaminated springs at the foot of the “Alpi Retiche” in the Italian Alps giving the whisky an extraordinary balance.
At a first taste it is rich and smooth, with light smoked notes and a delicate honey savour, ready to give a perfect marriage between sweetness and spicy hints.

Tonino Lamborghini Gin is a premium quality distilled alcoholic drink, entirely produced in Italy. Characterized by citrus nuances and an intriguing spiciness, which give the distillate a fascinating Mediterranean spirit, it stands out for its intense aroma and the pleasant balsamic note of juniper.
Botanicals are individually processed to extract their best flavours; among the ingredients, Sicilian oranges and lemons, typical Italian citrus fruits known all over the world.
Tonino Lamborghini Gin derives its predominant taste from the traditional Italian distillation of juniper berries from the Mediterranean coasts and represents an excellence of Made in Italy.

Tonino Lamborghini Amaro is a refined herbal liquor obtained from a typical Venetian recipe. Thanks to its special ingredients, in Italy it is considered a traditional after dinner liquor, but it is also an excellent long drink served with ice and tonic water.
The unique and balanced herbs selection of the Venetian lagoon includes: the “Carciofo Violetto di Sant’Erasmo”, a particularly distinguished variety of purple artichoke that grows exclusively in the loamy soils of the lagoon and is renowned for its distinctive digestive properties; Artemisia, a perennial plant well-recognised as a medicinal herb, also used in the kitchen for its pleasantly balsamic scent; Inularia, known for its digestive and balsamic properties.