Heritage Design


“I have always loved all that requires a mechanical approach because it is correlated to the world of engineering and technology from which all members of my family come from. Since my new brand’s first steps, it was natural for me to create a watch line. This product represents the precise junction between my personal and professional background, the world of mechanics embedded in my origins, and my personal passion for design.”
For over 40 years, Tonino Lamborghini has been interpreting the universe of the Italian style while remaining loyal to the culture and insatiable sense of challenge of the Lamborghini family. Just like the watches collections are inspired by the luxury sports cars design, starting from the unique shape of counters and pushers to the specific choice of colors and materials, so are the sunglasses, smartphones and furniture.
The history and cultural heritage of Tonino Lamborghini’s family merges with its passion for contemporary art, antiques and the industrial design to give life to the brand’s unique and original style that reflects its strong sense of aesthetics. Tonino Lamborghini ideates its products through a perfect synergy between the family’s passion for mechanics and art from which the brand inherits its unmistakable Italian design deeply inspired by Lamborghini’s DNA.


All Tonino Lamborghini branded products and projects are characterized by the shield with the symbol of a “Raging Bull” on a red background, the first logo of the Lamborghini family. Inspired by his zodiac sign, Ferruccio Lamborghini, Tonino’s father, has created the famous logo of a Miura bull in a “Veronica” position as he charges against the bullfighter. A logo that represents an icon for the family in addition to a legendary Italian style. A symbol that embodies the brand’s values, such as a fearless personality, strength and audacity like the Miura beast, and that mixes with creativity and resourcefulness for a unique and 100% Italian result.
It is hard to separate the family’s history and the Tonino Lamborghini company from the image of the Raging Bull. A fighter born ready to act, not to defend itself, but to create something that others would not even think of doing. A Bull that, to this day, vibrates with a visionary willpower, style and innovation, an Italian talent that is always looking ahead, pushed by a spirit that never dares to take a step back.
An instinctive fight that has never stopped stirring up the market dust and that Tonino Lamborghini, for the last 40 years, has taken on thanks to a dynamic, eclectic and creative brand that is both Italian and international, innovative while still original.


For over 40 years, Tonino Lamborghini has been embodying a universe encompassing the Italian style, while remaining loyal to its traditions and an insatiable thrill for challenges that has always distinguished the Lamborghini family.
Taking initiative is key to Lamborghini’s DNA. «We are motivated, curious, slightly stubborn, but always fascinated by the latest trends and new ways of living. Challenges do not scare us, in fact, we are stimulated by them. We are inspired by all that surrounds us and it is not a surprise when you come from one of the most beautiful countries: Italy. I like to think that who buys my products, has a desire to live the Tonino Lamborghini lifestyle. What inspires us constantly and differentiates us from others, is, without a doubt, our unique DNA» – Tonino Lamborghini.
Following and overcoming challenges has also been a driving force for the Lamborghini family. A challenge approached as the answer to the various provocations and instinctive excitement to create something unexpected and impetuous. A challenge that has never faded and that still today addresses all those who see in Tonino Lamborghini’s products the ideal way to live, enjoy and comprehend life. A life that is rooted on that insatiable thrill for challenges that Tonino Lamborghini wants to share with the world. A life devoted to disrupting social schemes, exceeding all that is considered common and expected. Tonino Lamborghini’s world never stops challenging itself as the will to overcome all that it encounters is a promise and purposeful statement.
From watches to eyewear, from furniture to perfumes, the brand’s portfolio moves all the way to the most innovative initiatives related to the international luxury real estate: products and projects that represent the ideal way to inspire all those who want to conquer new challenges.