The project started 15 years ago with the Tuscan partner Formitalia Luxury Group keeps moving forward with determination, assuring the continuous production and distribution of Tonino Lamborghini Casa collections. The combination between a timeless design, sharp and clean lines, dynamic shapes with high-quality details, has set the steppingstones for a mix of sophistication and stylistic features inspired by the Lamborghini family’s mechanic heritage.
The Tonino Lamborghini branded furnishings interpret luxury with a refined personality that highlights the exemplary quality and the unique design that can only be associated with the Bull brand and the original lifestyle embodied by the Lamborghini family. The new lines of Tonino Lamborghini Casa collection elegantly evoke the world of vintage gran tourers, both for the design lines and the employed materials, a clear-cut reference to the history of the Lamborghini’s DNA.
The mechanic stylistic elements are elaborated with light and prestigious high-tech materials that add a touch of original beauty and natural charm to this collection. For example, the carbon fiber, Kevlar, satin and woven steel take us back to a few of the brand’s important values, such as performance, strength and power, while the refined leather, upholstered, pierced and quilted, suggests a close attention to luxury, elegance and craftmanship. In particular, the high-quality skins and textiles are available in 100 different colour combinations to better highlight the research and artisanal work put into the creation of unique details that embellish iconic products of the so-loved and internationally recognized brand.
The mechanical stylistic elements of Tonino Lamborghini, like bearings, connecting-rods, pistons, exhaust pipes, aeration grilles, headlights, leaf springs and hinges have always characterized the luxury accessories of the brand’s Casa collection and represent the key inspiration for upholstered sofas, desks, beds, tables and lamps.


The bold and singular lines of an automotive heritage that, since its early age, has differentiated the brand’s collections from others can be found on the sofas and armchair Carbon Imola, products of Tonino Lamborghini’s Casa collection that highlight the charming shape and lines with a vintage hint, an unmistakable comfort and a strong personality.
Carbon Imola is a collection that strongly recalls the luxury automotive world with a touch of modern technology and vintage style: the bold sportive style of the quilted leather seats are combined with materials used in modern sports cars like carbon fiber and alutex.
The sofa has three seats and is designed with a Vogue Sunset leather, a low front strip and tubular leather Carbon Steel seam. It presents a seat with backseat and quilted armrests on which we can notice alutex fiber inserts. Sizes: cm 225x100x85h.
The limited edition Carbon Imola armchair is in quilted alpine leather with bright red, racing colour. The seat and upper part of the armrest are quilted, while the feet and armrests details are in carbon fiber. The shield logo with the iconic printed bull is on the headrest. Sizes: cm 105x100x85h.


A collection of versatile and bold upholstered furniture, available in multiple configurations. It has an external structure completely covered in leather with vertical tone-on-tone stitching and a metal base with titanium finish. Seat and seatback can be chosen in leather or covered in fabric with leather cord. The armrests also allow the freedom of choice: simple with or without a support cushion or with a protruding side. Sizes: sofa with chaise-lounge cm 249x172x76H.


Sofa with a minimalist and gritty design at the same time, available in different sizes and configurations. It is characterized by an ash structure with an open-pore black matte finish, leather or fabric upholstery with vertical stitching for the armrests and seatback, and metal feet with nickel bronze finish. Sarthe sofa offers the possibility to choose the armrests according to your preferences: simple, with a wooden top and drawer, or armrest with bookcase. Sizes: 262x102x86H cm.


Class and unmistakable style for the new GT office by Tonino Lamborghini Casa. The futuristic desk is characterized by a structure with a top complete with electric socket tower and cable tray, and sides covered in leather. The chest of drawers is in briar with black open-pore finish and carbon inserts with a shield-shaped handle in nickel and leather. The presidential armchair is covered in glossy black leather with a matte finish and a swivel base on wheels. The guest armchair has a two-tone leather upholstery and a matte finish metal base. The office is completed by a cabinet unit characterized by a structure in briar with an opaque, black, open-pore finish with upper drawers and sides covered in leather and nickel, shield-shaped handles with leather inserts.


The new bed by Tonino Lamborghini presents a refined structure completely leather coated with embroidery on the headboard and the shield logo in the center. The integrated bedside tables are equipped with LED lighting and inserts in semi-glossy flamed sand. Size: cm 314x230x117H.


The new Home Cinema project from Tonino Lamborghini Casa collection is a customized cinema setting which combines, in perfect harmony, a unique design, incomparable acoustics and an advanced audio-visual technology in order to live a cinematographic experience like no other.
Among its characteristics, we can notice its modular design that allows for a customized configuration depending on the precise dimensions of the location where you want to set up your home cinema. A shell shaped structure is envisaged consisting in some pierced panels, made of aluminum with sandwich acoustic layers which provide a full soundproofing and ensure a perfect sound through the audio components of the cinema. It is possible to customize the structure using some high-tech sound absorbent fabrics which are available in a wide range of patterns and colours and the setting is fully air-conditioned.
The YAS armchairs of Tonino Lamborghini Casa collection offer a top-level comfort from the inside. They are intended to have an upholstering made of very soft leather, available in more than 50 colours, with contrasting trims alternating smooth parts with others where an elegant matelassé manufacturing stands out. They are equipped with a space to refrigerate a bottle/tin and with a complex electrical mechanism which allows not only a massage, but also wide reclining movements of the back and of the footstool which, together with the manual movement of the headrest, allow to enjoy a customized relaxing moment. As far as lighting is concerned, the most recent LED technology is incorporated to maximize energy efficiency without jeopardizing the output and the effect of the flow of light.
The stereo system Meridian, configurable with several options and open to several TV systems, offers a full surround system that can be achieved by means of front, side, rear and tilt loudspeakers placed in such a way to provide the perfect sound and the low frequency sound from the four sub-woofers located in the front and rear part of the location. A Barco Balder 'CinemaScope' projector offers incredibly deep, rich and clear images which perfectly match with specifications of the audio loudspeaker. The projection screen is slide jigs DT Screens Dynamic 2S. All the technological devices can be controlled remotely: it is possible to update them, reset them or repair them online in real time without the physical intervention of a technician.