Real Estate


Real Estate is the new frontier of luxury, and in recent years, projects linked to this sector have been the most challenging for the Bull’s brand.

A concept of branded AAA-buildings, for both residential and commercial purposes, to offer international customers a true total Italian branded living experience. Furnished with the Tonino Lamborghini Home line, the real estate projects offer exclusive services such as branded cafés, shops and spas.
«The idea behind this concept is to design buildings where the combination of Italian culture and design perfectly integrates with the local culture. The projects immediately evoke a sense of exclusivity and strongly recall the values and philosophy of my brand. The brand's furniture, ceramics and accessories enrich the interiors so that Italian excellence can be expressed in all its explosive vitality and creativity», said Tonino Lamborghini.


In February 2020, the development of Tonino Lamborghini's first real estate project in Brazil was officially announced.
Tonino Lamborghini Residences new tower is located in Balneário Camboriú, one of the main beach towns in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. Balneário, a fashionable location for tourists and locals, also known as the "Brazilian Dubai", represents national excellence thanks to its high standards of quality of life, strategic location, skyline, magnificent tourist attractions, beautiful beaches and sophisticated lifestyle. The luxury tower is under construction in the most famous area of the city: the Barra Sul neighbourhood, famous for its sophisticated nightlife, beach cafés and restaurants, its large marina, cable car and the most luxurious yacht marina in southern Brazil, the German Marina.
Tonino Lamborghini Residences Balneário Camboriú has been designed to become a new benchmark in high-end residential architecture, representing a perfect combination of brand spirit and avant-garde design. A building with a unique design, inspired by the heritage of the Lamborghini family, an element that will be clearly recognizable in every detail of the project, where clean lines and dynamic forms will be the protagonists.
The building, with a height of 170 metres and a total surface area of 25,000 square metres, will be 50 metres from the beach. The 53 floors will include three large multifunctional spaces, as well as areas reserved for recreational activities such as SPA, relaxation area, gym and terrace with swimming pool overlooking the skyscrapers and the sea of Balnéario. The building will feature a heated swimming pool with a propeller for physical activity, as well as a football pitch and a children's area with an outdoor mini-track and electric pushchairs. The garages will provide up to four parking spaces per resident, including one with a refuelling point for electric vehicles.

The 67 residential units in the project will have between 194 and 429 squared meters of private area. The interiors will be furnished with home and office furniture solutions from the Tonino Lamborghini Casa line, which includes furnishings, ceramic wall tiles from the Luxury Surfaces line and tapware from the Water Design collection. The flats will include special features such as a wine cellar, an outdoor barbecue area, and a master suite with wardrobe and Jacuzzi.
«Thanks to our partner Embraed, Tonino Lamborghini Residences Balneário Camboriú represents an iconic project, a new symbol in the landscape of the region» - said Tonino Lamborghini - «The tower will reflect the spirit of my brand, with an avant-garde design and furnishings from the Casa brand line. The goal will be to offer Brazilian customers who love the Italian spirit and design a true total living experience, exclusive premium flats, a perfect combination of excellence in the choice of materials and luxury».


Tonino Lamborghini Residences New Capital Cairo is a residential project with 300 high-end branded apartments in the heart of the new Egyptian administration capital, in partnership with New Plan Developments, which holds exclusive rights for the developing of Tonino Lamborghini real estate projects in Egypt.
«This exclusive partnership with Tonino Lamborghini, one of the first global brands in the Egyptian real estate market, marks an excellence for the New Capital project» - said Chairman of New Plan Developments Walid Khalil, adding that «construction works of the project have already reached the 50% and is planned to be delivered in 2023. This project is the first of its kind in Egypt and New Plan Developments might extend the partnership with the famous Bull brand to other projects in Port Said Governorate and in the North Coast», Khalil also disclosed.
«Our goal isn’t simply to build properties. We strive to shape intelligent architectures and refined interior design to shape dynamic communities that people love to live and work in. This is the reason why we create signature homes that become neighbourhoods, brimming with life and everything we love. Because home isn’t just a place, it’s a feeling. And that’s what we promise to deliver to in all our branded residential projects» – commented Ferruccio Lamborghini, CEO and VP of the company.

Located in the heart of Egypt’s new capital, the Tonino Lamborghini “luxury studios” are part of the important residential project called Atika, conveniently nestled 45km east of Cairo, just outside the second Greater Cairo Ring Road. Set over an impressively vast 35 acres of land and lush green spaces, the city is both the latest and one of the largest editions constructed in the new administrative capital. The upcoming Tonino Lamborghini iconic real estate project is impeccably connected with the vision of the Lamborghini family. As perfect expression of the Lamborghini DNA, Tonino Lamborghini Residences New Capital Cairo is made for those who want to explore the wonders of luxury living and meant as a world class destination, effortlessly boasting comfort and luxury at its true best.

Offering a scenically elevated sky lounge, a stunning glass pool and multi-faceted sports facilities practically comprising every sport, Tonino Lamborghini Residences New Capital Cairo is fine-tuned to meet exceptional quality lifestyles. A dedicated concierge service, a fully operational visitor management system, an exclusive club house, 24h security represent the last Tonino Lamborghini high-end offer that targets both an Egyptian and international demanding clientele.
All the branded apartments will have a sharp concept design, taking to the height comfort and style; they will be furnished with the Tonino Lamborghini Casa signature furnishing collection, manufactured in Italy by the Tuscan company Formitalia Luxury Living, and will also include branded ceramics floors and walls and water design solutions, boasting modern day elegance.


Tonino Lamborghini Apartments San Paolo, announced in 2021, in under construction in Jardins, a charming neighbourhood that hosts the most renowned restaurants in São Paulo: a complete network of commerce and services surrounded by lush parks – in addition to being strategically located, close to well-known streets in São Paulo, and served by a variety of transportation options.

«During the pandemic lockdowns we have all re-discovered our own homes. Today, living in a new premium stylish and cozy house is not only a matter of status symbol, but it also represents a comfort zone that improves spiritual and mental wellness. A home is not just a place to live, but also a feeling that can enhance wellness and relaxation. Thanks to the collaboration with the Brazilian company Gafisa, Tonino Lamborghini Apartments San Paolo will be a unique and exclusive real estate opportunity in the most prestigious district of São Paulo targeted to the most demanding Brazilian and international clientele. Our goal is to create a new branded architectural landmark in one of the largest cities of South America», says Tonino Lamborghini.

«The signing of the partnership between Tonino Lamborghini and Gafisa, one of the leading real estate Brazilian companies with 67 years of experience and over 1,200 projects delivered in Brazil, is a new important milestone in our brand’s growing hospitality project. Our companies have a lot in common: care and attention to every detail, values which have always been part of my family DNA and philosophy, and the passion for new challenges. Contemporary architecture, the luxury and the glamour of our Italian brand perfectly match Gafisa’ expertise and tradition for the “Tonino Lamborghini Apartments San Paolo” », comments Ferruccio Lamborghini, VP and CEO.

Every detail of the project was conceived to offer customers a complete experience of the Italian brand. «The project aims at reproducing the lifestyle, beauty and design of the Italian brand, whose characteristics can already be seen from the facade to the interior design in all common areas. In line with the brand identity, the exterior will show sharp and well-defined lines, while the premium apartments will display the Bull’s brand home line solutions that are designed and manufactured in Italy by Tonino Lamborghini», says Mr. Guilherme Benevides, CEO of Gafisa Incorporadora e Construtora.

The architectural project of the building has been designed by the Brazilian firm Aflalo/Gasperini arquitetos, the landscaping project by Mera Arquitetura Paisagística, the interior decor by Carlos Rossi, under the supervision of Guto Biazzetto Creative Studio. On the ground floor of the building, there will be Tonino Lamborghini branded cafes, stores, and restaurants.


«For me, China has always been a “place to be”. Thirty-five years ago, I was one of the first Italian entrepreneurs to invest and do business with ideas and products that were already dedicated to this wonderful country at the time. Every time I go back to China with a new project, I feel the same emotions as the first time», explains Tonino Lamborghini.

The two 180-meter-high skyscrapers in the final phase of construction in the Chinese metropolis of Chengdu are characterized by the unmistakable style of the Tonino Lamborghini brand. The Tonino Lamborghini towers are a tribute to the two cultures, Italian and Chinese, which in a perfect combination offer a highly scenographic result.

Located at the main entrance of the tower, the welcome/reception area is characterised by a cascade of handcrafted light at full height, a visual landmark of refinement and elegance, a prelude to the quality standard that configures the entire environment.
The stylistic elements recall the heritage of the Bull’s brand, integrating the iconic silhouette of the shield into the common areas, which include the entrance, reception, restaurants, cafeteria, executive lounge, lobby, panoramic swimming pool, shopping complex and Sichuan Theatre.

The cladding of the towers is characterised by a clean design with a total glass look, playing on the transparencies and reflections of glass, enriched by metal ribs with luminous LEDs inside them which, following the partitioning of the façade, are intended to emphasise the marked verticality of the two towers, multiplying on the top floors to form a crown on the city skyline.

Studio Marco Piva took care of the architectural study of the podium and the facades of the towers and the hotel interiors. The care and unique touch that distinguishes the hotel rooms and luxury flats is provided by interior designer Kelly Hoppen, who has successfully found the point of union between East and West in designing the interiors of the Tonino Lamborghini building in Chengdu.


Italian culture and luxury design are the main characteristics behind the Tonino Lamborghini Real Estate projects, which aim, through a very tight development plan over the next five years, to bring the Real Estate projects to highly strategic territories by entering new markets. The company is already in negotiations with new partners for Real Estate projects in Brazil, Pakistan, UAE and Vietnam.