Art Glass


The new co-branded collection between the Toro brand and the historic Venini company leaves the Murano furnace to bring the excellence of contemporary Made in Italy to the world. Vases, lamps and spectacular chandeliers reinterpret the language and mechanical heritage of the Tonino Lamborghini brand through glass processing techniques handed down from generation to generation.

Sharing the same values of design quality, beauty and luxury, VENINI and Tonino Lamborghini tell the story of an unprecedented experience of Italian living. The precise and aerodynamic lines, the metallic details, the mechanical elements typical of the Tonino Lamborghini world have been reinterpreted by the artisans of the Murano furnace: the shapes are modelled in a succession of barely hinted at gestures, to become definitive in the moment in which the material crystallizes forever. The Italian style inspired by the mechanical engineering of the heritage brand Tonino Lamborghini meets the human component that makes each VENINI piece unique and precious, creating design objects of high artistic and artisanal expression.


The names of the vases are inspired by the automotive and mechanical heritage of the Bull brand and recall the shapes and stylistic patterns that have always distinguished the brand.

The important thicknesses give a new transparency that amplifies, as if it were a lens, the luminous effect of colored glass, to give life to the cylindrical-based Piston vases in the warm transparent shades of red combined with mole color. Right Pentagon, the faceted model that reflects the color in fascinating flashes of light.

In the collection also the submerged vases Octagono with decoration in blue or green.

The Faro vases in blown glass are sphere-shaped with a spot pattern alternating transparent mole-coloured portions with opaque black or lattimo, in a seductive lacquer effect.

The extraordinary ability of VENINI in interpreting cold working has led to the creation of Dedalo rhomboidal-shaped vases in blown and wrought glass proposed in horizon colour, red or black, and the blown and ground Regale vases in crystal colour, black or red. The use of the grinding wheel, a sophisticated and complex technique, leads the craftsman to be a sculptor. Each intervention makes the object unique and unrepeatable because it is interpreted by the master glassmaker in an infinite sequence of meticulous gestures, so as to give the surface of the glass a wonderful three-dimensionality.


Together, VENINI and Tonino Lamborghini have also created customized lighting design installations that reach very important shapes and sizes. High craftsmanship and technological research meet to create wonderful works. In this case, the proposal follows the charm of modern styles that since Art Deco have played with the beauty of the geometries. The result is a series of historical models in delicate pastel tones or in metallic colours, to be assembled in exciting compositions.


From the tradition of balotton, the technique that gives the glass a cross-relief effect, comes the collection of ceiling, floor and table lamps. The sphere is blown by mouth inside a mesh metal mould that remains imprinted in the glass the moment it crystallizes. The refined weave of the bowl contrasts with the perfect roundness and lucidity of the hemispherical metal element that envelops the light like the light of a vintage machine.