Balneário Camboriù, a major beach resort city in the Brazilian Southern state of Santa Catarina, will host the new luxury residence building of the Italian brand. Tonino Lamborghini Residences Balneário Camboriù will offer a combination of Italian contemporary style: its architecture will be inspired by the cutting-edge design of the Tonino Lamborghini brand with its clean lines, dynamic shapes and top-quality finishes.

Last September 27, in Balneário Camboriù, Tonino Lamborghini, founder and president of the famous Italian company dedicated to lifestyle accessories and design hospitality projects, signed the official agreement with EMBRAED, one of the biggest and leading real estate developers in Brazil, for a new branded real estate project. The signing ceremony was held in presence of Tonino Lamborghini, president of the homonymous Company, Tatiana Rosa Cequinel, president of EMBRAED, VIP guests and local authorities such as the Italian Consul in Florianopolis Attilio Colitti and the Mayor of Balneário Camboriù Fabrício Oliveira.

The new Tonino Lamborghini Residences project will be officially launched with a special event within the end of 2019 in Balneário Camboriù, a major beach resort city in the Brazilian Southern state of Santa Catarina. The Brazilian city represents a national landmark related to human development indexes (the fourth in Brazil). In addition, according to research conducted by a Brazilian Institute (FIPE), the real estate value of the city is one of the highest in the country, because it attracts not only people seeking a home to live or for holidays, but also those looking to secure and low risk investments.

Strategic location, magnificent tourist attractions, beautiful beaches, hopping nightlife, sophisticated lifestyle and several skyscrapers are some of the reasons why this city is known by the nickname "Brazilian Dubai”. The city's infrastructure, with several national and international bars and restaurants by the beach, a large sand area for sports and sunbathing, as well as numerous shopping and service options downtown, and its excellent urban mobility, make Balneário Camboriù a fashionable location for Brazilian and international people.

Tonino Lamborghini Residences Balneário Camboriù will be developed by EMBRAED, according to the Italian company’s philosophy, values and style. The project of the branded tower 168-meters high will cover a total area of 25.000 sqm and will include 67 residential units. The project will aim to meet the needs of high-end residential real estate consumers, by offering the branded Italian premium quality interior design of the Tonino Lamborghini Home collection that includes furnishings, home and office accessories, ceramics of the Luxury Surfaces line, and faucets of the Water Design collection. The project, with an investment of 150 million of Brazilian real (about 34 million of €), will be officially launched in December 2019.

Tonino Lamborghini Residences Balneário Camboriù has been conceptualised for the modern buyer and will be especially attractive for successful professionals who want stylish luxury, high-end technology and top-quality materials and finishes. This also includes customers who are seeking for a diversified leisure location with security facilities and a place where is possible to enjoy, with all comfort, a sophisticated beach lifestyle. The branded tower will be located in the most valued area of Balneário Camboriù: Barra Sul neighbourhood, famous for its sophisticated nightlife, cafés and restaurants by the beach, its large touristic pier, the famous park with mountain´s cable cars and the most luxurious yacht marina in the South of Brazil.

“Since my first time in Brazil, more than 50 years ago, I would like to bring a mark of my creativity to this wonderful country. After the opening of the banded hotels in Suzhou, Kunshan, Huangshi, the launch of the Real Estate project in China and the Real Estate project launched in Dubai at the end of 2018, today I am proud to announce the partnership with EMBRAED for the first Tonino Lamborghini Residences project in Brazil”- said Tonino Lamborghini. - “At Balneário Camboriù, we will develop a project with a strong personality and great cultural and artistic expression. The goal will be to satisfy the request of the most demanding customers with upscale and bespoke homes to the modern Brazilian consumers.” Tonino Lamborghini also wanted to praise the female leadership during his speech: “My father had designed his companies, but it was my mother who managed them! Women always have clearer and more expressive ideas! It is with full confidence that I leave my name in the hands of Tatiana, president of Embraed, from today she will be the ambassador of my brand here in Balneário Camboriù!”

“As the legendary and unparalleled Tonino Lamborghini brand is inspired by a strong family automotive and design heritage, so the EMBRAED company shares the same original values: family, exclusivity, premium lifestyle, high quality standard, attention to details and passion for our work. - explained Tatiana Rosa Cequinel - “The standard that we have been using since 1984 has crossed borders lately. Now, we are proud to launch a real estate residential building that, for sure, will be a landmark for the Brazilian civil construction sector”.