Real Estate


Real estate is one of the latest frontiers for the luxury world and, in recent years, the Bull’s brand has challenged itself once again to develop important projects within this field.
In January 2018, Tonino Lamborghini announced a new initiative totally dedicated to China with its partner Shanghai Fengji Industrial Company: a concept of branded luxury buildings, for both residential and commercial purposes, that will offer the Chinese and international clientele a true and singular experience of Italian branded total living.
The buildings, which will be completely furnished with Tonino Lamborghini furniture and tiles collection, will offer luxury elements and services to its owners, like Tonino Lamborghini cafés, shops and spas.
«I am very proud to be here today to announce the launch of this new great project with our partner Fengji Company » - Tonino Lamborghini explained at the signing ceremony event – «The idea behind the concept of this new project is to combine the Italian culture and design so that it perfectly integrates with the local culture. It will immediately evoke a sense of uniqueness for the customers, who will be able to recall my brand’s values and philosophy. Our signature wallpapers, artworks, furniture, and ceramic tiles will enrich the buildings’ interiors allowing the Italian exclusivity to express itself in all its explosive vitality and creativity.»


«To me China has always represented a place to be. 35 years ago, I was one of the first Italian entrepreneurs to invest and do business with projects and products dedicated to this beautiful country. Every time I come back here with a new project, I feel the same excitement and emotions of the first time. Today, with this new collaboration, I can confirm that China has become my second home. » - added Tonino Lamborghini.
The opening of the ceremony was followed by Mr. Ettore Francesco Sequi’s remarks. The Italian Ambassador in China underlined that, «Italy is the country of design. It has a world-leading role in this sector, of which Tonino Lamborghini’s company represents a bright example. The success of Italian design is based on tradition, craftsmanship, technology and innovation. It stems from the idea that beauty can also be applied to mass consumption products. The Chinese public is increasingly looking for quality products and Italian design will be undoubtedly one of their preferred choice».


The Italian culture, luxury design and Chinese traditions are the main characteristics at the base of the Tonino Lamborghini Real Estate projects that aim to bring Italy closer to China through strategic partnerships between leading companies of luxury investments.
In the upcoming years, with its Chinese partner Shanghai Fengji Industrial Company Tonino Lamborghini will witness the rise of new buildings in the first and second-tier cities in Mainland China, including Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Cheng Du and Hangzhou.
In the next 5 years, through the implementation of a concise development plan, Tonino Lamborghini intends also to expand its real estate projects to other strategic territories that will allow him to enter new markets. The company is already discussing possible agreements with new partners for real estate projects specifically in Bahrein, Brazil, Egypt, Iran, Mexico, Syria and Turkey. New and exciting real estate proposals coming from India and Africa, countries that represent a new geographic interest for the brand, are being analyzed and revised for the near future.