“The Hotel&Resort project in Asia represents the best summary of my 30 years of personal and professional experience in this field. Thanks to the partnership with Join In Group, I aim to transmit a new concept within the hospitality industry: provide an Italian story and the Lamborghini dream in total respect of the Chinese culture.” – Tonino Lamborghini. In 2012, after finding the perfect local partner, JHM-Join.In Hospitality Management (, the first Tonino Lamborghini 5-star hotel project was launched in China: “Tonino Lamborghini Library Boutique Hotel.” Shortly after, in 2013, the project sees new additions to its portfolio, such as the “Tonino Lamborghini City Center Hotel” in Kunshan, in 2013, and the Tonino Lamborghini Lake Side Hotel” in Huangshi, in 2014.


Taking into consideration two fundamental values of the Chinese culture, such as education and wisdom, the Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Suzhou was created based on the idea of a library, not only as one for books, but also for other passions. In fact, in addition to international publications, there is also a library of music, movies, wine and liquors, cigars, and chocolates that represent cultural elements of the 21st century’s way of life.
The heart of the boutique hotel is the Chinese garden that moves around the centenary Lambo Tree and reflects the traditional ideals symbolized by water, trees, flowers, rocks, windows, pagoda and moon’s gates. The hotel rises by lake Jinji, allowing customers to enjoy, on one side, the calmness of the lake, and, on the other, a timeless dimension of the garden that makes you forget you are amid Suzhou’s industrial park. The Tonino Lamborghini Boutique Hotel Suzhou offers 92 rooms with each its own library. The hotel combines a genuine respect for the past with an unmistakable touch of Italian style, uniting the best from each culture. Culture and tradition are the key words of this project. As a famous Chinese proverb says, Suzhou is like “paradise on Earth.”

Tonino Lamborghini Library Boutique Hotel Suzhou
No. 168 Xinggang Street
Suzhou Industrial Park - Suzhou
215021, Jiangsu, China
Tel: (+86) 512 6285 9999 - Fax: (+86) 512 6285 9 888


The Tonino Lamborghini City Center Hotel was inaugurated in 2013 as one of the first hospitality complexes that connects the shopping experience with that of every day’s business affairs in the commercial area of the Chinese city. In fact, the hotel is right by a prominent shopping mall and it is situated in the center of the dynamic commercial and business area of Kunshan, which means it is only 19 minutes away from Shanghai by train or 40 minutes by car, and a 35 minutes car ride from Suzhou. The hotel offers live entertainment such as a water shows, music and lights thanks to its magical fountain and a spectacular view on Mount Yufen. The structure is also by the famous Yangcheng Lake.
The hotel was built to comply with the most modern requests of its business clientele, while remaining loyal to Chinese elegance and the Italian style. In fact, the hotel offers a wide variety of multi-purpose meeting rooms, a ball room for more than 400 people and forefront facilities for conferences and other business meetings.
Additionally, the complex offers also excellent and refined culinary experiences such as the Venice Bar, that is at the heart of the hotel and displays a wide selection of unique cocktails and live shows.

Tonino Lamborghini City Centre Hotel Kunshan
No. 287 Zhongshan Road
Kunshan - Jiangsu 215300, China
Tel: (+86) 512 5711 9999
Fax: (+86) 512 5716 7799
Number of rooms: 289


The Tonino Lamborghini Huangshi Hotel is the biggest investment made in the history of the city’sskyline: launched in 2014, it is the third luxury hotel in China branded Tonino Lamborghini.
The hotel has a magnificent park, a big musical fountain, a kids’ playground, an outdoor pool and a breathtaking view of the lake. Its architecture was designed according to the most advanced characteristics of an environmentally friendly design that also respects energy savings. The hotel is dedicated to business travelers who search for a “home away from home” feeling, like to enjoy compelling landscapes and value Cihu Lake’s calming effect. Tourists can take advantage of the proximity to local, picturesque destinations like the Tuancheng Mountain, Xisai Mountain, Oriental Mountain, Huangshi National Mine Park and the nearby cultural city of Wuhan.
Situated up close to Cihu Lake, the Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Huangshi is a beautiful, futuristic structure surrounded by water and gardens, very close to Huangshi People’s Square, the Broadcasting & TV Centre, the sports’ center and other commercial areas of the city. The hotel holds 374 rooms and luxury suites, and offers high-quality services such as restaurants, wellness center and sport areas. The Grand Ballroom, which can host 800 people, is perfect for events and conferences.

Tonino Lamborghini Lake Side Hotel Huangshi
No. 18 Guanghui Road, Tuanchengshan District,
Huangshi 435000, Hubei, China
Tel: (+86) 0714 639 9999
Fax: (+86) 0714 637 0699


This year, 2019, a new project with JHM, the same partner with which the company has an exclusive contract for branded Hotels&Resorts in China, has been launched. The Chengdu project includes a branded hotel with 210 rooms, a Tower for 500 apartments and a Center that acts as a service hub for clients. Italian architect Marco Piva is actively collaborating in this exciting project by curating the interior design aspects. Starting from an analysis of the local landscape, the proposed concept design was inspired by nature, architecture and from the country’s culture. The input was to create new elegant and high-quality interiors, promoting the combination of Chinese cultural elements and Italian tradition for an eclectic, functional and emotional result. Additionally, nature’s shapes and colors reflect in the choice of materials and selected themes, such as the richly decorated marbles, and the strong, vertical lines that resemble the bamboo canes of the nearby natural reserve. By 2020, two more projects are planned to take-off: Tonino Lamborghini Hotel in Xian, which will include also executive service apartments with luxury services for long-term stays, and the first phase of Tonino Lamborghini Yixing Resort, with approximately 120 rooms.
Lastly, by summer 2021, the Tonino Lamborghini Hotels&Resorts project will sail across the Pacific Ocean and land on the American territory with the Tonino Lamborghini Saipan Resort initiative. The resort, located on the Saipan Island, in Northern Mariana Islands, is part of the big Capitol Hill real estate, a project of multiple phases that aims to create a unique experience never seen before. The 180 rooms planned to host future clients will have a panoramic view of the Mariana Islands, merging local beauty with Tonino Lamborghini brand’s luxury feel. The overall investment value for the project is of 50 million US dollars for a destination that combines a luxury hotel, shopping, entertainment and dining, and that represents a future promotional tool for the entire island.