Tonino Lamborghini reinvented the hospitality concept with his new project that creates a world of style, culture, art and exclusive services. 5-star hotels, coffee bars, restaurants, lounges, residence and branded apartment-hotel: the Tonino Lamborghini Hospitality project expresses the brand’s intrinsic values of excellence and Italian style by creating locations characterized by a vanguard design and a refined environment.
Targeted to a high-end clientele, the locations perfectly represent the brand’s vision of bringing the Italian passion and spirit to the world through spaces in which the Italian style can express itself in all its explosive vitality, creativity, beauty and high-quality.
The Tonino Lamborghini Hospitality project initially started with businesses such as branded coffee lounges and restaurants that offer an Italian-style experience starting from the selection of Italian, Tonino Lamborghini products including, energy drinks, wines and vodka. With an easily recognizable design thanks to the blend of lines, clear-cut shapes and a modern mood, all the cafés and lounges are characterized by a sophisticated and welcoming environment that is closely studied to be perfectly integrated with the local culture.
«This new project perfectly embodies my motto: if I cannot give you Italy, I will give you its feeling!» - Tonino Lamborghini


The last Tonino Lamborghini Café is located at the Kuwait Gate Mall, in Kuwait City.
The interior of the café perfectly reflects the spirit of the brand with the use of red and black details, modern materials, and sophisticated and branded design elements. It offers refined delicacies created by the best pastry chefs and chocolatiers, as well as a selection of Tonino Lamborghini branded hot chocolates, energy drinks and espresso: a mix of Italian and local culture for national and international customers who wish to taste the true Italian flavor in an exclusive location.