In recent years, the Tonino Lamborghini Home project realized a line called Luxury Surfaces with a tiles and ceramic coverings collection for various home and office areas. The partnership with the Italcer Group, a design hub for Made in Italy ceramics and high-end bathroom furnishings, proposes a new collection of Tonino Lamborghini branded floor and wall tiles that harmoniously balance research, innovation, and passion.


The most inventive of the series. The DIAGONAL concept is inspired by Tonino Lamborghini furnishings and by the Lamborghini world of interior design. It is a single capsule with multiple layout solutions, a fusion between wall coverings and furnishings to ensure aesthetic continuity with the distinctive style of Tonino Lamborghini.


The brighter colours of Blue, Yellow, Orange and Red enhance the Colourful version of the KORIUM series, where versatility and creativity make any design concept unique. With this solution, professionals can use the Korium series to create designs through plays on colour and geometric effects, giving infinite laying possibilities.


The geometries and attention to detail give the Square Sign an exclusive touch, with stitched leather squares accented with the Tonino Lamborghini LT texture, creating a sophisticated solution that brings out the refinement of the series.


It has a more identifiable character thanks to the application of the Tonino Lamborghini brand name enriched by an additional print effect, as if marked with fire, of the Miura Raging Bull and the brand’s lettering, enlivened by segments of coloured leather, to imbue the environments of the Tonino Lamborghini lifestyle.
With added identity due to the application of the Tonino Lamborghini logo, further enhanced by the “branded” Miura Bull and brand lettering, enlivened with sections of coloured leather to decorate spaces with the Tonino Lamborghini lifestyle.


Synonymous with elegance and luxury, leather is a very pliable material. Its handcrafted feel, the raised stitching and the two leather finishes, matt and semi-matt, give the Square variant the signature of Italian craftsmanship.


A simple decoration which features the Tonino Lamborghini logo on the upper and lower edges. A subtle solution for those who want to decorate their spaces in an elegant yet understated way.