The launch event that officially announced the development of the first Tonino Lamborghini Real Estate project in Brazil took place last February 15 at the EMBRAED LOUNGE in Balneário Camboriú, major beach resort city in the Brazilian Southern state of Santa Catarina. Mr. Tonino Lamborghini, president of the Tonino Lamborghini Company, and Mrs. Tatiana Cequinel, president of EMBRAED, unveiled the details of the real estate project to acclaimed guests and at the presence of local authorities, such as Attilio Colitti, Italian Consul of Florianopolis. The high-end residential building is the result of the partnership announced in September 2019 between the famous luxury accessories Italian brand represented by the “Raging Bull” and EMBRAED, one of the major luxury real estate developers in Brazil.

“With this new project my mission is to bring Italian design combined with my heritage to Balneário Camboriú to satisfy the most demanding Brazilian clientele, Italian design lovers and those who wan to live a real Tonino Lamborghini lifestyle experience” said Mr. Tonino Lamborghini. “Together with Embraed we want to set a new level of architecture and lifestyle: a combination of luxury and high-quality life. Tonino Lamborghini Residences Balneário Camboriú concept will reflect the spirit of my brand, with cutting edge design, Tonino Lamborghini Home products and special details. Our goal is to offer exclusive premium apartments to the existing real estate market.” The new luxury tower, destined to become a new landmark in the luxury real estate market sector, will be in Balneário Camboriú at only 50 m from the beach. The seaside city, a major beach resort location in the Brazilian Southern state of Santa Catarina also referred to as the "Brazilian Dubai”, is a very trending area both for tourists and nearby residents. Not only, it also represents a national landmark thanks to its high standards of the quality of life, its strategic location, magnificent tourist attractions, beautiful beaches, hopping nightlife, and sophisticated lifestyle. The new upscale tower will be located in the most valued area of Balneário Camboriú: Barra Sul neighbourhood, famous for its sophisticated nightlife, cafés and restaurants by the beach, its large touristic pier, the famous park with mountain cable cars and the most luxurious yacht marina in the South of Brazil, the Marina Tedesco.

The project has been conceptualised for the modern buyer and will be especially attractive for successful professionals who want stylish luxury, high-end technology and top-quality materials and finishes. This also includes customers who are seeking for a diversified leisure location with performing facilities and a place where it is possible to enjoy a sophisticated beach life in total comfort.

“Tonino Lamborghini Residences Balneário Camboriú will delight even the most demanding customers. It is a concept that combines modernity, great comfort and timelessness. It will be a landmark for Brazilian construction industry”, says Tatiana Rosa Cequinel.

Tonino Lamborghini Residences Balneário Camboriú was designed to become a point of reference for high-end residential architecture, a building with an indistinguishable design inspired by the Lamborghini family heritage, clearly recognizable in even the smallest details.

The building, with its 67 residential apartments between 194sqm and 429sqm of private area, Tonino Lamborghini Residences Balneário Camboriú will represent a perfect combination between the unmistakable spirit of the Italian brand and its cutting-edge design with clean lines and dynamic shapes. The 25,000sqm of built area and the tower 170m in height will include three large floors of multifunctional areas, spaces reserved for leisure activities such as a SPA, a resting zone, a gym, and a terrace with a heated swimming pool enriched by a view of the city skyline and the seaside. In the garage residents will have up to four parking spaces, one of them with refuelling point for electric vehicles.


The Brazilian architect Flávio Schiavon, responsible for the exterior design, announces that the concept of Tonino Lamborghini Residences Balneário Camboriú will have a completely different language from the neoclassical identity traditionally present in the company's construction projects. The mini track equipped with electric strollers in the kid’s area will surely delight any child along with the football court finished in black grass, perfect for all ages.

“It will be an impactful, unique and incomparable work and, at the same time, elegant and sophisticated. The focus of the project is flowing, sloping and curved lines, clear reference to the unmistakable Tonino Lamborghini style. Such particularities demand great technical and engineering knowledge, which will be implemented by EMBRAED's constructive aptitude that is known for its expertise in the execution of innovative products” added Schiavon.


The architect Vanessa Larré, professional responsible for the interior design of the building, explains that the spaces were designed to be used at their full potential.

“The experience and the roots of the Italian family are protagonists. Therefore, we seek to provide environments that translate this behaviour into all elements, appropriate to the practicality of everyday life and to encourage the coexistence among people” added Vanessa Larré.

The hall at the entrance will impress the guests with its great dimensions and grandeur brought by waves and curves carved into the double-height ceiling. The environments will feature pieces from the Tonino Lamborghini Home collection, which includes exclusive furniture, ceramic coverings from the Luxury Surfaces line and sculpture-like pieces of the Water Design collection. The apartments will include special features like a wine space, a balcony with a barbecue area, a master suite with closet and jacuzzi, tableware and finishes by Tonino Lamborghini, besides wonderful views of the Balneário Camboriú beach.


4600 Street, 100 at the corner of 4502 Street, in Barra Sul, prime area of Balneário Camboriú city.