Premieres with exclusive launch of men ’ s fragrances “ INVICIBILE ” and “ ESSENZA ” at the most iconic and prestigious parfumerie store in Italy – Mazzolari

On Thursday, May 16th the exclusive launch event to introduce the men’s fragrance collection of “Invincibile” and “Essenza” was held a t Mazzolari - Jordan Spazza, Milan. The event was a premiere for the global campaign for Tonino Lamborghini fragrances and showcase d the scents in an ultimat e setting of the Tonino Lamborghini truly Italian lifestyle brand experience. With select ed styles from intricate Tonino Lamborghini furniture collection and options to try on brand Sunglasses, taste the Tonino Lamborghini beverages: c offee, v odka and e nergy drinks were mixed for signature fragrance cocktails. Gift bags contai ned new Invincibile and Essenza fragrances for a complete experience. To follow the event, on the first week of June, Mazzolari featured all windows display of the full To nino Lamborghini Fragrance campaign.
The vision is to bring Italy’s passion and spirit to the global market, through these unique and distinctive fragrances and their custom designed launch events, evoking the original values of the core brand history inspired by the Tonino Lamborghini family heritage. Premiering the coll ection in the heart of Italy’s fashion capital - Milan, perfectly relates to the true Italian heritage of the brand. Honoring this element, reinforces the message of the global fragrance campaign. Desire Fragrances is the official worldwide licensee of Ton ino Lamborghini fragrances, in alliance with Apple Beauty Inc, who will handle the international distribution. This kind of global launch strategy goes hand in hand with the recent unveiling of the iconic Tonino Lamborghini Residences in Dubai, a 4.6 milli on square - foot development with nearly 8,000 premium apartments by world - leading real estate developer - Oriental Pearls.


To pay homage to his Italian roots, Tonino Lamborghini has decided to name the fragrance with an Italian name: INVINCIBILE , as well as spell ed it in Italian. INVINCIBILE is a bold new fragrance that celebrates an eternal hero. Accomplished, self - confident, daring, competitive and respectful - this is the INVINCIBILE man. The scent captures the powerful essence and uncompromising spirit of a le gendary Italian brand portraying a timeless hero image. A man conquering all, overcoming any challenge, strong and invincible but with a touch of sweetness, as every woman ’ s desired companion. The perfume has a base of rich oak moss, musk, black vanilla, precious and rare ingredient - ambergris. Top notes of bergamot, black currant, with a splash of pineapple and apple. Middle notes of patchouli, birch, rose infusion and Moroccan jasmine. The packaging captures the essence of the brand, curved glass bottle design, showing the juxtaposition of straight and curved lines as part of distinct brand design elements. With the iconic shield and miura bull logo embossing on the cap. The brand signature colors - red and black are a staple of the packaging.


Essenza is an addition to the collection, offers a fresh, ene rgizing scent in time for the summer. The name ESSENZA is an Italian word that represents - the core of its being”. Tonino Lamborghini ESSENZA is a new men’s fragrance inspired by colors and scents from the heart of Italy’s Mediterranean Coast. The fragrance notes submerge into the “core” location - the treasured coast of Italy. Where natural cedar wood, teak, and lemons from Capri open up the scent. Enriched with surging fruit notes, the combination of lychee, orange blossom, freesia and vetiver depict a new invigorating olfactory interpretation of the freshly energizing scent. Bottle glass is embossed with Tonino Lamborghini iconic shield with miura bull logo, leaving a watermark on the body of the bottle, as if looking through the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the illusive outlines reveal the iconic mark, as the light hits it. This clean, invigorating, masculine aroma transcends time and space, creating the feeling of being by the Sea, bursting with freshness and clarity of crisp citrus and br isk woody elements. Essenza Fragrance Notes. TOP: Lemon, Apple, Lychee . MIDDLE: Orange blossom, Freesia BOTTOM: Teak, Cedar wood, Vetiver, Amber. The design of the packaging captures simplicity and sophistication of luxury with a timeless approach, paying homage to meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship of the Lamborghini family. The custom engineered, innovative POP display offers modular, hexagonal shelving units are designed to position the brand strongly at retail level and hold an immediate brand recognizable style.


Eau De Toilette: 40ml. 75ml and 125ml
Gift Set: EDT 40ml+ Shower Gel 100ml / EDT 75ml + Shower Gel 150ml
Gift Set Tin Box Packaging: EDT 125ml + Shower Gel 150ml + After Shave Balm 150ml Gift Set Folio Case:
EDT 100ml + Shower Gel 150ml + After Shave Balm 150ml
Gift Set DOPP: EDT 75ml + Shower Gel 150ml GWPs: duffle bag and gym bag