The two firms launch an initiative conceived to promote the uniqueness of Italian workmanship in the world.

Undisputed interpreter of the “Made in Italy” excellence, VENINI continues to expand its collaborative activity announcing a new partnership with Tonino Lamborghini, to define a co-branded collection for the global market. Sharing the same values of design quality, beauty, and luxury, Tonino Lamborghini found his ideal partner in the Murano company, with whom he could take on new and stimulating challenges using glass. The common aim is to assert, resoundingly, the uniqueness of Italian design.

VENINI and Tonino Lamborghini will exchange each other’s know-how, visions, and heritage to generate, through virtuous contamination, a unique experience of the Italian lifestyle. The clean and aerodynamic lines, the metallic details, the mirror elements typical of Tonino Lamborghini’s world will all be reinterpreted by the master craftsmen of the Murano furnace, which for generations has carried on the antique traditions of handcrafted blown glass. The forms are modelled in a succession of barely subtle movements that become definite in the instant when the material crystallises forever.

The human component that makes each VENINI object unique and precious will lend new expression to the language, inspired by mechanical engineering, of the Tonino Lamborghini heritage brand. The Bolognese brand, in fact, was created by the eclectic mind of its eponymous founder, heir to the family that started up one of the undisputed legends of the automotive industry. Today Commendatore Tonino Lamborghini is joined at the company’s helm by his eldest son, Ferruccio, company vice president and CEO.

“Our partnership with Tonino Lamborghini allows us, once again, to demonstrate VENINI’s ability to always take on new challenges. Since its origins, the furnace has been able to carve out a leading role for itself through experimentation with innovative languages and the many incursions into areas far from those of the classical processing of glass. Furthermore, the co-branding project with Tonino Lamborghini perfectly fits in VENINI’s internationalization strategy: both companies are world ambassadors of the values of excellence represented by the ‘Made in Italy’ label”, commented Silvia Damiani, Vice President of the Damiani group, which in 2016 acquired VENINI.

“We are very pleased to be able to count VENINI, with its pure Italian style, design, and manufacturing know-how, among the partners of Tonino Lamborghini HOME project, which already includes Italian furnishings, ceramic wares, taps and fittings, and home and office accessories manufacturers”, added Ferruccio Lamborghini, Vice President of Tonino Lamborghini Spa. “Our aim is to create a total luxury lifestyle inspired by our family heritage, for our retail customers as well our hospitality projects in Dubai, China, and the other international locations.”